Contribute to the Scholarship Foundation

If you would like to contribute to helping new technicians afford the possibility of a career in the HVAC and energy industry, please consider donating to the Robert V. Boltz Scholarship Foundation. The foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Your contribution will offer tuition assistance to qualified individuals who attend the HVAC & Energy Professional Program offered through PPATEC. This program will offer a gateway for new individuals to join our industry.


Suggested Contribution Amounts:

Partner: $10,000
Advocate: $5,000
Supporter: $2,500
Friend: $1,000
Contributor: $500

Amount to Goal


Every Contribution Makes a Difference

    Our Contributors


  • Barber Oil & Propane
  • Advocate

  • Elaine B.
  • Advocate

  • Rhoads Energy
    In Memory of Michael DeBerdine, Jr.
  • Supporter

  • David S.
  • Supporter

  • R W Beckett Corp
  • Friend

  • Clyde S. Walton, Inc.
  • Friend

  • F. C. Haab Co., Inc.
  • Friend

  • Harry B.
  • Friend

  • Oil Tech Talk
    In memory of Roy William Straley - Fellow Technician
  • Friend

  • Robert B.
  • Friend

  • Ron K.
  • Friend

  • South Central Pennsylvania Energy Association
  • Contributor

  • Advanced Fuel Solutions, Inc.
  • Contributor

  • Chester County Fuel Inc.
  • Contributor

  • E.J. Harrold Inc.
  • Contributor

  • Edris Oil Service
  • Contributor

  • OESP - Delaware Valley Chapter
    In Memory of John Cipollone, Sr. - Founder of John Cipollone, Inc., Havertown, PA
  • Contributor

  • Personal Energy Company
    In Memory of David Wright Wilcox
  • Additional Contributors

  • Ted H.